As time moves forward and the technology we are using changes, one question that remains is whether or not we should continue using older technology? in this article we will look at the impact of VHS tapes and why you should convert VHS to digital.

On our site , we like to revisit old technologies and stories occasionally in order to further expand our site visitors knowledge on a wide range of different subjects. Today our focus is on media formats as well as digital technologies.

The VHS Tape

The VHS tape has been an iconic piece of media which has been around for over 40 years. On its release, the VHS tape quickly gained popularity and was rapidly put into use around the world. The VHS tape allows people with VHS players to watch films and pre-recorded programmes.

At the time this technology was virtually revolutionary as tv was still a fairly new technology and cinemas were still very much in high demand due to the lack of channels and content available on tv. One of the unique features about the VHS tape was the fact that you could fast forward and rewind programmes to revisit different parts of the footage without having to re-watch the entire video.

How Has Technology Changed?

Understandably, over the last 40 years there has been a significant amount of change in the world in terms of technology as well as the different ways in which we all access media. One of the newest developments that has practically phased out VHS tapes is the DVD. DVD’s are a type of CD that are formatted to play digital media and footage on computers as well as specially designed DVD players.

The development and launch of the DVD was a significant turning point as this led to a sizeable decrease in the number of VHS tapes being sold until gradually they all came out of circulation aside from rare copies and collectors items.

Subsequently, DVD’s have now become the main form of widely circulated and used media formats.

dvd disk

What Are The Benefits Of Converting VHS To Digital Format?

There are a variety of benefits that you can enjoy as a result of converting VHS to digital format:

  • DVD’s are more durable overall than VHS tapes and can last a significant period longer.
  • By converting into a digital format you can view your stored media on multiple platforms.
  • Digital format can offer improved overall quality levels in terms of sound and picture.
  • It is much more difficult to source repair and support for old VHS tapes if they become damaged or the media becomes corrupted.
  • Digital format is a long term solution which means your media can be stored far into the future.

Should You Convert Your Old VHS Tapes?

Overall we would highly recommend considering converting your VHS to digital as there are a range of benefits that you can enjoy as a result of doing this. Long term it is a highly viable solution to ensuring that your enjoy the media stored on VHS for many more years to come.