A road work company is a business that performs construction and repair work on roads. Its workers are skilled labourers that specialise in certain types of work and operate various pieces of equipment and machinery. There are opportunities for progression in this field of work, with workers often being promoted to supervisory positions. These supervisors are in charge of supervising the working area and training new staff. This article gives some insight into what road work companies in Glasgow actually do:

Duties Of A Road Work Company

Roadworkers perform a variety of tasks to facilitate efficient road construction and maintenance. Some of the tasks they perform include the construction of new roads, maintenance of existing ones, digging drainage ditches, and maintaining roadside fixtures and signage. They are also responsible for the safety of workers. Most roadworkers work as part of a team led by a Works Supervisor. They are graded in a range of grades according to their level of competency.


Resurfacing is a common road repair service. It involves grinding up the existing asphalt in order to resurface it. This process removes any defects and creates a rise in the middle of the road to facilitate proper water drainage. Some of the old asphalt is recycled, so it can be reused to fill potholes. Newly paved streets generally contain 35 percent recycled asphalt. The Department of Transportation (DOT) also gives newly paved streets a protective status for five years. If the restoration is not done properly, the contractor faces stiff penalties.


Reconstruction is a process where a road is completely rebuilt, often replacing the entire roadway as well as underlying infrastructure. This process often includes resurfacing streets, replacing the top layer of asphalt pavement and curbs, and realigning the street to improve operations and safety. It may also include installing underground utilities and relocating traffic signals or street trees.


The European Union is focusing on maintaining and improving its road network. This infrastructure is increasingly ageing and facing a variety of challenges such as increased demand and increased truck traffic. Furthermore, recent economic trends are putting strain on infrastructure budgets. This has led to a search for new ways to reduce costs and improve productivity. Automation-based techniques may be one of the answers to these challenges. These techniques can be implemented at all stages of road infrastructure and work.

Final Words

There are many reliable road work companies in Glasgow that help keep our pavements, roads, motorways, and even driveways safe and built to the best standard. Before choosing a company, it is always best to do some research, read reviews, get in touch etc in order to ensure that you are opting for the best possible choice for the work you want carried out.