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Some of Scotland’s rare whiskies can fetch up to £6000, a healthy profit for whisky investors. More and more entrepreneurs are investing in rare malt whiskies as they are offering rich results. Some of Scotland’s rarest whiskies gained a mouth-watering 15 percent in value last year. Making rare whisky an investment you cannot miss out on.

The Rare Malt Whisky Business

It is a well-known fact that rare whisky is big business for the Scots. It seems like a great industry to work in with over 10,000 people working in the Scotch whisky sector and that’s just in Scotland.

Statics from the Scotch Whisky Association have shown that whisky counts for a quarter of UK food and drink exports. Figures from 2015 showed that £1.7 billion was made in the first half of 2015.

How to invest in Rare Whisky

If you are prepared to accept the risks and can afford to lose any money you invest, there are a number of ways to tap into the whisky market – from buying up bottles and investing in specialist funds to purchasing a share of the liquid in a cask.

Whisky Collectors

If you are interested in whisky investment then you should buy direct from a whisky collector, such as Rare Malt Whisky Company owner Miss Malt.

The Rare Malt Whisky Company are based in the heart of the Scottish countryside just outside the beautiful village of Killearn. This an authentic Scottish whisky company that specialize Scotland’s finest and rarest malt whiskies.

The Rare Malt Whisky Company was founded by entrepreneur and whisky collector Lesley Henderson. Lesley is an expert in all things whisky, her interest stemmed when she started her career at a world-class whisky distillery. She now owns the company and runs her very own blog “Miss Malt”.

The great thing about The Rare Malt Whisky Company is that they go above and beyond for their customers and can source specific bottles if their customers are searching for a particular bottle.

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Rare Whisky Top Picks

Islay Whisky

Islay whisky is world famous, which makes it an excellent investment. Bowmore Whisky is just one brand of Islay Whisky. The Rare Malt Whisky Company have a whole collection which is dedicated to Islay whiskies and have several bottles of Bowmore whisky in stock. Lesley makes the process simple and each bottle comes with a snippet of text which will tell you everything you need to know about that particular bottle.

The Rare Malt Whisky Company currently have a bottle of Bowmore 13-Year-Old 2003. This bottle is incredibly rare and as it comes from Islay’s Oldest Distillery, it wins a place in our rare whisky top picks.

Springbank Whisky

Springbank whisky is extremely popular with Scots, that is why The Rare Malt Whisky Company have three bottles of Springbank whisky in stock.

The bottles which they have in stock vary in price and taste. For whisky collectors, Lesley recommends the Springbank 14-year-old Port Wood. This limited release spent 12 years in refill sherry casks and 2 years in fresh port pipes.