public transport

In the present day, there is debate raging across the UK about how the country should run its transport system. Traditionally, the UK has been renowned around the world for its advanced transport systems as well as engineering. However, in more modern times it has become apparent that a major revamp of services is needed in order to improve the overall quality around the country.

Public Transport

One of the most important and basic steps the government can take to improve the transport system as a whole is to improve public transport overall. Improving public transport is essential and an important task that needs to be tackled head on.

One of the most recognizable and iconic transport hubs in the UK is the London underground. Each day millions of people take the underground around London in order to commute to work or to navigate the city.

One of the great advantages of taking the tube as opposed to many other forms of transport is that it is probably the fastest available. Furthermore another benefit that you can enjoy as a result of using the subway is prices for tickets. Subway tickets are consistently cheaper than other forms of transport such as using a motor vehicle or using a bus to travel across the city.

woman waiting bus

How Can Public Transport Be Improved?

There are many ways overall in which public transport can be improved overall. One of the main ways in which public transport can be improved is by acting upon feedback and surveys. Feedback and surveys are vital as this provides an insight into what people think about the transport network overall. This data can then be used to improve the transport network as a whole.

Another key way in which public transport can be improved is through investment from the government. Investment in public transport is absolutely vital to ensure that services can continue running at their peak performance and to allow for technology upgrades in order to improve the overall efficiency of the service.

How Is The Transport System Run?

Currently the majority of the transport system within the UK is privatized. This means that private businesses rather than public sector firms run many of the services that are available to the general public. These companies often operate with the objective to make a profit and this can result in drops in service quality in order for these companies to meet targets and generate extra overall revenue.

There is some government regulation to a certain extent but this mainly relies on the companies meeting their targets. If the organisations do meet their obligations then they can retain their service and contract for a certain form of transport e.g rail travel.


Overall to conclude, it is clear that continued investment by the government in the transport system is vital to ensure its growth and adaptability overall. Without doubt, public transport is a vital national asset which needs to be funded and supported to ensure its continued sustainability and effectiveness across the UK.