The UK government has implemented new rules on Covid testing to make the testing process easier and attract more visitors. Most of these tests are based on the polymerase chain reaction, which searches for the COVID virus’ genetic material however other options are available as well. The sensitivity of each test varies, but all tests will detect COVID in varying degrees. Highly sensitive tests will catch almost everyone who is infected with the virus, and that is why they have been introduced in the travelling industry as a screening measure. There are a number of health risks associated with COVID-19, so you should always get a pre-departure test before travelling to the UK. In addition, the risk of contracting or transmitting the disease during your flight is high, and that is why pre-departure tests are required by many nations including the UK. Regardless of the type of test you decide to take, there are certain guidelines that you should follow in order to be allowed entry and having the UK approved vaccine certification is one of them.

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Why You Should Get A Pre Departure Test For the UK?

While the European Union has an aim to implement a common approach to Coronavirus, each country in Europe has the right to set its own regulations. As a result, you may find some differences between the testing requirements imposed by various countries. In general, the majority of countries require travellers who are arriving from abroad to take a coronavirus test 72 to 48 hours before departure, depending on the type of test. However, there are some exceptions, such as travellers who have recently recovered from the disease and those who have been fully immunised. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you consult official sources of your departure country for their specific entry requirements.

Although there are several types of pre-departure testing available, not all tests are accepted for international travel. For example, you should double-check with the official governmental sources about what is the accepted pre-departure test UK. Vaccinated individuals are less likely to get the virus during their travel and therefore they do not have to show proof of a negative pre-departure test in UK. It is very important however for unvaccinated travellers to have the negative result test, as this is a requirement for international flights. And if you’re travelling to the UK for longer than two days, you must get a COVID-19 test after you arrive in the country. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, all unvaccinated travellers are required to get tested on their second day of arrival.

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What Test Should You Take

PCR tests are most commonly accepted, though some countries may accept a recent recovery test or a rapid test. The testing provider should be able to provide a digital pre-departure test certificate that can be shown before boarding or can be uploaded on the airline’s app. Regardless of whether you are required to travel for health reasons or leisure, you should know the rules before booking a flight. The UK government has information on what test you should get in accordance with your vaccination status and the country you are flying from. While in the UK, you need to be especially careful with your personal hygiene and follow all the government policies.

Final Words

If you’re planning a vacation in the UK, you’ll have a lot of options, however, make sure you have the proper documentation available as you will need a passport and you might also need to acquire a visa, depending on your nationality. If you’re a foreign national, make sure you have a valid visa for your travelling purpose. This will allow you to enter the country and enjoy the UK’s attractions. You can also visit the UK’s museums and historical sites, which are both worth seeing. You can take part in sporting events, as there are many international teams that play in the country.