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Interior colours and paints have a long history going back to the beginning of the twentieth century. Prior to that, people used all types of pigments in order to decorate their homes, as well as their aircraft. Paint was a very primitive form of art, and people were able to take advantage of the wide variety of colours available by painting on them. In fact, if you took a look back at the early American television set, you would notice that they actually had small knobs on the remote control that allowed them to change the colour of the television sets walls!

Painting Your Home

The concept of interior colours is actually pretty simple, but it can be a little more difficult to apply than simply painting your aircraft in the same way that you painted your car or your house. Painting your home and car both take individual skill, so you will want to choose paint that you enjoy using. The same can be said for your aircraft, if you do not enjoy the job that you are doing. Painting your home is completely different than painting an aircraft, which requires special techniques in order to achieve certain effects.

When considering interior colours for your cockpits, you will be looking for a lighter colour such as cream or beige, or a darker colour such as navy blue. The main difference between these colours when compared to red or black is that red is used for more traditional decorations, whereas blues and navy blues are thought to be more festive. Although you will find that there are some corsairs that are still painted a black colour, most of them are now painted in a lighter shade of blue, or cream.

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Interior Finishes

As you have already learned, the primary colours used within the cockpits and the rest of the interior finishes used in the aircraft industry are dark colours. You will find that most of the time, the darker the colour is, the more attention that is drawn to it. In the past, the two primary colours were light ones, similar to beiges or pinks, but now these colours are mixed with different, darker colours in order to create new looks that are becoming popular. Most of the time, aircraft manufacturers will use a lighter shade of black, or a beige colour, and then mix in a dark colour like red, blue, green, or even purple. Although you will find that these colours look great when used alone, they often do not blend well together, especially when you have something like red lipstick that is part of the finish.

Although you might think that the paint on the USAAF planes is uniform, this is actually not true. You see, the colours are often created by spraying the paint on a canvas, and then applying a different colour to each sheet of the canvas. Therefore, the paints may be slightly different and could possibly appear different types of shade. So, in reality, there could be a shade of blue in one corner of the aircraft, and a lighter shade in another corner. This is because the actual paints on the planes are not of one consistency and are often mixed using different colour specifications. This means that the paint on the USAAF planes does not always blend perfectly, and the colours do not look as if they were created from the same kind of formula.

Interior finishes are now very popular in the world of aircraft, and have been for many years. Many people like to buy their own aircraft based on the colour scheme of the interior. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t need to cost the earth, and is far more affordable than other types of finish methods that are available. There is no reason for you to compromise on the quality of your aircraft finishing unless you are risking being unable to fly, as well as having to pay out more money in fuel charges. If you want your aircraft to look the best it can, then it is important to choose the right colour combinations, and interior finishes to ensure that it looks as luxurious as possible.