Woodworm Treatment Guide | How to Know and How to Fix

Wood that needs woodworm treatment

Woodworm is a very dangerous insect that can do irreparable damage to your timber if left uncontrolled. This insect can be found anywhere in your home as long as there is timber and favourable conditions for its growth and development. Most people don’t know how to spot the existence of this insect, and so they continue to count loses without even knowing what is damaging their timber. In this guide, we have collected some ways that you can use to spot the existence of woodworm in your household. We also give you some tips on expert woodworm treatment.

Specialist Help With Woodworm Treatment

This guide has been created to help you spot woodworm and gives advice on how to treat this problem, however if not treated correctly can cause irreparable damage in your home. You should seek professional help if not able to tackle woodworm treatment alone.

Builder celebrating after woodworm treatment complete

Why You Need Woodworm Treatment: How to Spot Woodworm

Presence of small round holes

These are tiny exit holes in the affected area. Sometimes the holes can be as small as dart board holes, and it requires real keen attention for someone to identify all the infested area. If you spot such holes, then it could indicate the presence of woodworm.

Powdery dust

Sometimes you can spot some fine powdery dust especially at the exit holes. This powdery dust is the woodworm’s excreta and can also be spotted either on the underside or on the back of old furniture in your house. The presence of this powdery dust could be a clear indication of an active infestation of these insects and signify the need for woodworm treatment.

Tunnels bored into your timber

If for any reason you cut your wood and notice some small tunnels drilled into the wood, then this could also indicate the presence of woodworms in your house. Remember that, these insects must be controlled at an early stage before it becomes too hard and expensive to get rid of them. Contact Richardson and Starling via the website link above for expert services in woodworm treatment.

Wood workshop that needs woodworm treatment

Damaged timber

If your timber becomes too weak or you spot some weakness in your flooring, then your house might be invested with woodworms. However, this could also be caused by wet rot or even dry rot. If you are not sure, it is always good to seek the advice of an expert in woodworm treatment. In any case, whatever the cause, either the woodworms, wet rot or dry rot should be controlled as they all damage your timber.

Beetles coming out of the holes

If you spot some beetles coming out from your timbers, then your wood might be under attack from these harmful and destructive insects. However, to be sure, you should take a closer inspection on the timber for any sign of more holes. If you spot these holes, then you are dealing with a massive woodworm infestation. Woodworm treatment is definitely essential in these circumstances.

How to deal with infestation

Although you can always purchase the DIY woodworm treatment kits, it is advisable that you first contact a specialist who can confirm that indeed you are under infestation. The specialist will also identify the type of woodworm in your home as the different types may require different treatments.

If your wood is affected, we advise that you take it away from your house to prevent the spread of these insects. You should also make your room unfavourable for woodworm infestation by keeping the humidity low and also ensuring that there is excellent ventilation.