How the Hollywood Smile Has Travelled to the UK

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Forget about what you have heard; it appears that more Brits are interested in having the perfect Hollywood smile that Americans are. This article will look at the rise of Britain’s pearly whites and how we are looking after our teeth at a younger age than ever before.

We will also check out the orthodontist Glasgow practice that is using technology to enhance Scottish smiles.

Starting Young

The latest statistics in oral health have discovered that British children are likely to have fewer decayed, missing or filled teeth than youths in other countries. The UK even bet those who are living in France, Spain and the USA.

The USA is home to the Hollywood smile, however, it is not all that it appears to be as the USA, did much worse than our home country. The report from the World Health organisation showed that children ages 12, living in the UK had a better oral health than children who live in America.



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UK v the USA

Could this be due to our upkeep of oral health? Perhaps, in 2012, seven out of 10 people in Britain visited the dentist, compared with four in 10 Americans.

Out of all of the countries surveyed, the UK came in third! As for the USA, they fell far behind, coming in at an unimpressive 13th place. The nation which came out as having the most dental visits was the French.

Glasgow Dentist Leads the Way

Far from the busy streets of London, it appears that Glasgow dentist, Berkeley clinic are the ones who are setting an example for UK dental practices.

This practice is using new technologies such as the Inman Aligner – a new orthodontic system which straightens the appearance of teeth in no time at all.

This system is perfect for professionals who may not want to wear a wired brace. This system is extremely popular as it helps dental patients achieve the Hollywood smile they have always dreamed of.

This cosmetic dentist in Glasgow would recommend this treatment to anyone who wants a sleeker smile in just a matter of months. The clinic has achieved marvellous results using this form of technology and have a number of case studies on their website: “Our patient was referred to the clinic by a friend of hers after she heard that we could straighten her crooked teeth in as little as 6 weeks”.

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Dental Technology

So is dental technology encouraging brits to attend their local dentist? It appears so! Technology is reducing waiting times, making dental appointments more accessible to a wider pool of people. There are now a number of procedures which can be completed in one day rather than separate day appointments.

The Future of UK Oral Health

It appears the future is looking bright, or should we say white, for UK citizens. It is now a misconception that Brit’s have poor oral hygiene. For now, it looks like we do not need to worry about the state of our nation’s’ teeth, keeping Americans statistics in mind.