Coffee Shops For London’s Freelance Community

coffee shop working

Reading this in your office? By office, we mean local coffee shop with friendly staff and cheap coffee.

London is a hotspot for millennial freelancers and the numbers continue to grow as self-employed freelancers make up 15% of the British. These figures came from last year’s 2016 report by Co-Operatives UK.

If you are counted in that number it will mean that you are in the percentage of those who are continually looking for cool, work-friendly locations, where you can set up shop for a day or two.

If you are looking for some of London’s most popular freelance, you have come to the right place. Let’s check out some of London’s best Wi-Fi spots.

What You Are Looking For

When you are a freelancer, you are looking for a free public venue where you can work with little disruption as possible.

The perfect location is hard to find. You will need ample table space, efficient Wi-Fi, a low baby count and working power sockets. If you are sick of working from Starbucks or Costa, there are lots of great spaces in London where you can work from.


Ace Hotel

Recommended by the Telegraph, the Ace Hotel is a fail-safe option for freelancers. This excellent co-working space has a lobby which was made for those looking for an efficient space to work,

The staff is extremely welcoming which means there is definitely a seat at its sixteen-seater table with power socket. The hotel has a great selection of snacks and drinks which you can find at the Bulldog Edition café counter. Salad boxes, toasted sandwiches, pastries and table service options, means that there is definitely something for everyone.

No matter what schedule you are working on, this location will suit you as it’s open 24-hours a day. Finish up your Friday there at the Ace Hotel full-service cocktail bar – who said freelancers don’t have weekends too!


Feeling hungry while you work? Timberyard has shops in Seven Dials and Covent Garden, making a great option for central Londoners on the hunt for a hot seat. If you are a working nomad looking to plug-in and play this location is perfect for you.

If you are looking for some quiet time in London’s concrete jungle this space is a great escape. The menu is full of simple but delicious treats, making it a home away from home for those who are working on the road.

Bean and Hop

This one is popular with the freelancers of West London. Bean & Hop provides its working customers with reliable and free Wi-Fi – something that is hard to come by in the countries capital.

It’s an extremely popular coffee shop during the day and then it transfers gourmet pizza in the evening. It’s tough working your own hours, so cheer yourself up with a slice before you go.

The Benefits of Coffee shop working

If you haven’t tried coffee shop working, give it a go! The rent for a London office is extortionate and taking out a lease on an office when you don’t know when your next pay check is can be extremely daunting.

Working from a coffee shop will balance out the time you have spent at home watching every series going on Netflix. A few coffees are also much cheaper than a lease.