London: The Best Place for A Corporate Meeting

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In any sort of business meetings are a key part in the smooth running and success of the company. Meetings are important in business as they allow a group of people with common interests to discuss urgent matters, helping them reach a common decision. Unlike emails or conference calls, meeting allows personals interaction and brainstorming to reach an end goal efficiently.

London is a great place for corporate meetings as one hand it is an extremely hard working city but on the other hand, it will provide amazing places for corporate lunches as well as exciting free time. Here are some of the best restaurants and locations for the perfect London meeting.

The Blue Bird, Chelsea

If you are looking for a swanky restaurant to impress one of your clients or to spoil your employees the Blue Bird located in the chic Chelsea area would be perfect.  If offers a variety of areas from their chilled outdoor garden area to their well-designed restaurant there is something for everyone.

Popular with the people of Chelsea, the blue bird would express your professionalism and investment as it is such a beautifully developed restaurant that doesn’t include the hustle and bustle of inner London restaurant. This will allow you to have a quiet, intimidate corporate lunch or dinner meeting.

dinner meeting in London

Aqua Shard, London Bridge

This uniquely stunning restaurant located on the 31st floor of the Shard, making it one of the most sought after location in London for corporate meetings. If you are looking to pull out all the stops for your meeting this location will do so.

The stunning views of London make for the best part of the meeting and will definitely give your clients a dedicated and professional impression. Serving contemporary British cuisine, with five-star service provide a breath-taking experience, making the Aqua Shard an amazing corporate meeting location.


Wallacespace, Convent Gardens

If swanky restaurant meetings are not cutting it for you, boost your creative thinking by visiting Wallacespace in Covent Gardens.  For offsite meetings in central London, this venue is a great place to help inspire your creative thinking.

Free Wi-Fi is provided to ensure that you have everything you need for you meeting to run smoothly and efficiently. As well as offering free WI-FI that Wallacespace group also provide healthy, clean ‘brain food’ that will help boost your thinking. So if you are looking for something unique and different for your corporate meeting Wallacespace would make the perfect location.

corporate meeting in London

BAFTA, Piccadilly

Keep the best for last! This amazingly beautiful and exclusive venue is the home of the BAFTA’s, making it one of the most glamorous venues in London. If you want to wow your clients or employees during your corporate meetings, this location should impress them all.

This prestigious location offers some of the most technically advanced conferencing in London, giving your meeting a professional edge. As well as this, the BAFTA also offer exquisite hospitality facilities, catering to any needs. This venue would make the perfect corporate meeting location, and would definitely impress anyone attending your meeting.


The Right Location

When looking for a location for your corporate meeting in London, this guide will help you choose a beautifully stunning venue that will cater to your requirements. All of these locations offer unique experiences, from a formal sit down dinner to a meeting centre there is something suitable for everyone.