A Guide to London Transport

London is a busy place, with over 3 million commuters making their way to work. In such a busy city transport needs to be efficient and run smooth. London has developed both their private and public transport services to ensure that commuters reach their destinations. The public transport system accounts for more than 25% of London’s journey system whereas the private service accounts for more than 41% of the transport. Here is a guide to the transport available in London.

The London Underground

the London tube

The London Underground or ‘tube’ as it is known by Londoners is one of the most popular methods of transport in London as more than a billion people use the system on a yearly basis. The tube has eleven lines that connect all over London, linking to the major train stations, central business locations and landmarks.

With the vast amount of commuters that use the London underground, it has become the world’s 11th busiest metro system. With the 11 lines, collectively handling over 4.8 million passengers daily!

The underground was first built just below the surface of the ground, giving it its nickname, the tube. The system now has 270 stations that connect all over London with over 250 miles of track. In contrast to its name, the London underground is only 45% underground in tunnels, as much of the network is on the surface. As well as this, only 10% of the stations are located south of the River Thames as it does now cover most of the southern parts of greater London.

The London underground can be difficult to understand as there are so many different lines and stations. For this reason, we recommend that you plan your journey and your route.


Double Decker Busses

London double bus

The London Bus is one of London’s most recognised symbol of the city. The red double decker is the majority of the buses used in London and is easily recognisable. London buses have modernised as you can no longer pay with cash when you enter the bus. You can either pay with; your oyster card, travel card or contactless payment.

Buses go all over London and are an easy way to get around the city at a low cost. Not only can you use the bus for commuting but you can use it to tour London as they have specifically designed buses that are for tourists.

The London bus tour provides a unique opportunity to travel London, experiencing the exquisite architecture and famous streets.  The tour guides also offer interesting facts and a historical background of some of the most famous locations in London.

London’s buses also run throughout the night to provide travel to late night commuters. The night buses cover the period when the tube is closed. Most of the bus routes also run for 24 hours, making it available to most commuters around London.

Black Hackney

black hackney

Otherwise known as a black cab or taxi, a hackney is a private taxi in London. They provide a private way of travel through London’s busy streets.

A London hackney is a popular way of travel with both commuters and tourists as it is a quicker way of travel that doesn’t include a busting carriage or bus.

The black hackney is a more expensive way to travel around London, as you are paying to be driven around the busy streets of London.

London Transport

Whether you are a common commuter to London or planning a trip, this guide will help you understand the different ways to travel around London. It should also help you choose the best method of transport for yourself.