The Best Music Festivals For London Designers

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Designers are often inspired by the bright colour and positive vibes which are captivated at summer festivals. The UK Festival scene has pushed design to the top of their agendas as festival fans are expecting enchanting artwork which will transform their weekend into a three day spectacular.

Studies have shown that that music festival experience can impact on psychological, social and subjective well-being, therefore pushing designers to create a holistic home away from home for both music and art lovers alike.

With the season in full swing, let’s have a look at most charming, bohemian festival designs that will inspire you to book your next adventure, a year in advance.


Forget about the music for just one moment and appreciate the visually stimulating, British festival, Latitude. Beyond the music, festival-goers are surrounded by culturally inspired artworks.  Latitude Festival arts curator Tania Harrison and designer Ami Jade Cadillac, have described the Suffolk countryside surprise as:

“A series of magical happenings and multi-sensory experiences for festival-goers to engage in.”

Ten years on, Latitude launched in 2006 with a goal to represent the wealth of culture happening across the UK, from theatre, comedy, literary and dance to of course music artists. In the past Glastonbury different arts and cultures but on a more mainstream level. Latitude differentiates itself as a hotbed of alternative design. The creators and the design team of the event have absorbed different aspects of the UKs best bits and have produced a festival that has a setting theatrical enough for London’s west end.


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Isle of Wight-based Bestival has changed their artwork for 2016. Charles Williams of design agency, Made Up, has created stunning visuals to match Bestival’s “Future” theme for this summer. William’s illustrations and typography have taken inspiration from outer space, machines and flight.

The retro colour palette is a vision of purples, pinks and yellows which are contrast with a black backdrop. The branding for the event has been completely reimagined with new illustrations and a new logo. Keeping their honorary peace sign, Williams has incorporated the festival favourite into a bed of futuristic neon space shapes.


With such care taken into the festivals promotional designs, Bestival has a stellar reputation for exciting, yet slightly out-there music line-ups. The brand has been so successful that they branched out with Dorset-based, award-winning sister festival Camp Bestival (July 30-August 2) which has also adopted a galactic theme for 2016!


Glastonbury is the mother of all UK festivals and this year the legendary fest celebrated design and media in all its glory. OK, so Glastonbury isn’t an alternative option but what you do while you are there, could totally change your perception of the festival.

Organisers of the sub section, Consume Shangri-La, said that it:

“Holds a mirror up to the masses, challenging people in politics and play. Creating conversations, force-feeding the senses, expanding minds and opening hearts.”

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This year Shangri-La has challenged its boundaries of festival artistry, featuring interactive installations and wrap around venues as well as displaying live art and artworks around the stage.

Shangri-La is also known as the “fantasy field” as it engulfs a deep history of outsider art and underground culture. Festival designers, take note; Glastonbury’s vibrant spirit continues to inspire its pilgrims, as it creates a new generation of cultural revolutionaries inside and outside of the festival genre.