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Time To Move TAG Watch Repairs Online

TAG Heuer a company that is known for innovation within the watch sector. Repairs By Post have been fixing TAG Heuer watches for a number of years and know a lot about luxury watch repair. On their website, they say that “the watch company is known for breaking boundaries and pushing passed conventions in traditional Swiss watchmaking”. You can find heaps of information about TAG Heuer watch repair on the Repairs by Post website.

TAG Watch Repair

When you invest in an expensive timepiece you will be told that servicing and maintenance are key for extending the longevity of the jewellery. Repairs By Post offer TAG watch battery replacement along with a number of other services. It is best that your business works with a professional TAG Heuer watch repair service that has a number of customer testimonials on their website.

You will not find a better watch repair company online than Repairs By Post. This watch repair company has over 30 years experience in dealing with TAG Heuer watches. By sending your  TAG Heuer watch repair to Repairs By Post you can track the process of your repair online. Online watch repair is now one of the easiest ways to get your watch repaired by a specialist that knows how to treat your type and model of watch.

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Repairs By Post

The best advice a TAG Heuer watch specialist will give you is to service your watch according to brand guidelines. Just like you would with any luxury watch it’s recommended TAG Heuer watches are serviced every two years and are tested for water resistance. Tag Heuer rubber band replacement, Tag Heuer watch polishing and all Tag watch repairs UK at Repairs By Post.

Repairs By Post give a number of suggestions on their website on how a watch enthusiast can look after their TAG Heuer timepiece. Although a TAG Heuer watch is designed to resist impact, it is obvious that excess stress should be avoided.

Did you know that magnetic fields can have a detrimental impact on your watch? When you are not wearing your luxury watch, make sure that it is stored away from strong magnetic fields such as speakers, refrigerators and magnets.


 Sending An Online Watch Repair

Just like you would with any other package you are sending, make sure that your watch repair is carefully enclosed. In the video above you can see how the online repair world works with Repairs By Post.

They have made their website extremely easy to use. First of all you fill in the form on their website with as much information about the item. If the repair has been accepted a member of the team will send you a link to print off an address label. There are other packages available, however,  Royal Mail’s Tracked Returned Service is insured for £50 * and this method of postage is free. Once your watch arrives at the Repairs By Post headquarters, they will then assess your time peice and get back to you with further details about the TAG watch repair.

How to start Investing in Rare Malt Whisky?


Some of Scotland’s rare whiskies can fetch up to £6000, a healthy profit for whisky investors. More and more entrepreneurs are investing in rare malt whiskies as they are offering rich results. Some of Scotland’s rarest whiskies gained a mouth-watering 15 percent in value last year. Making rare whisky an investment you cannot miss out on.

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Coffee Shops For London’s Freelance Community

Reading this in your office? By office, we mean local coffee shop with friendly staff and cheap coffee.

London is a hotspot for millennial freelancers and the numbers continue to grow as self-employed freelancers make up 15% of the British. These figures came from last year’s 2016 report by Co-Operatives UK.

If you are counted in that number it will mean that you are in the percentage of those who are continually looking for cool, work-friendly locations, where you can set up shop for a day or two.

If you are looking for some of London’s most popular freelance, you have come to the right place. Let’s check out some of London’s best Wi-Fi spots.

5 Things to Do When You Visit London On Business

Corporate meetings come hand in hand with business, whether the meetings are in the office or if you have to travel to different cities to speak with someone, they can be long and dull. Going all the way to London for a business meeting can be a demanding journey, not matter how important the meeting is you need some free time to yourself to recover. Here is a list of the top five attractions to do when you visit London on business.

How to Have a Successful Business in London

Starting up your own business can be daunting at the best of times. This is the especially true if you are opening your own company in London. The capital is one of the most competitive places in the UK to start up your business. There are hundreds of business in London that offer similar services, therefore it is vital that you stand out and differ from your competitors. Here are some useful tips that will help ensure that your London business is successful.

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London: The Best Place for A Corporate Meeting

In any sort of business meetings are a key part in the smooth running and success of the company. Meetings are important in business as they allow a group of people with common interests to discuss urgent matters, helping them reach a common decision. Unlike emails or conference calls, meeting allows personals interaction and brainstorming to reach an end goal efficiently.

London is a great place for corporate meetings as one hand it is an extremely hard working city but on the other hand, it will provide amazing places for corporate lunches as well as exciting free time. Here are some of the best restaurants and locations for the perfect London meeting.