The Advantages of Blackout Blinds in Glasgow

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When it comes to choosing blinds, it can be difficult to know which ones are right for you. Blackout blinds come with a whole host of benefits that can not only improve your sleep but can also save you money in the long run. Read on to find out how getting blackout blinds in Glasgow can benefit you.

Keeps Your Room Dark

There is nothing worse than waking up with the sun beaming in your window at 6 am on the one day that you could have had a lie in. Blackout blinds to block out the light from outside meaning that you will not be disturbed due to sunlight. This is extremely useful for people who work the night shift and have to sleep during the day – which can often be difficult without the use of blackout blinds.


Blackout blinds are made from thicker material, which is what gives them the blackout quality. Not only do they block out light from the outside in, they also block light from the inside out. This gives you far more privacy as not even shadows can be seen.

Save on Energy Bills

Blackout blinds can help reduce energy costs in both hot and cold climates. When it’s cold outside the think lined material will keep the heat in and keep the cold out. When it’s warm outside the material works in the opposite way by reflecting heat out of the room when it’s hot. This helps maintain a sleeping environment with a consistent and comfortable temperature, without the need for constant heating and cooling which can see energy bills soar.

As well as saving as much as 25% on energy bills, you can also lower your carbon footprint with blackout blinds in Glasgow.

Sound Reduction

A surprising feature of blackout blinds is that they can help reduce noise from the outside. This can be great for people with noisy neighbours or young kids who are trying to sleep.

Overall Improved Quality of Sleep

When you add up all of the positives of blackout blinds, you can see that introducing them into the bedrooms in your house can actually improve the quality of your sleep. With noise reduction, light reduction and energy bill reduction, you know you’ll sleep soundly.


Where to Get Blackout Blinds in Glasgow?

If you are interested in switching to blackout blinds, then you may be wondering where to get them. There are many different types of blackout blinds, including;

  • Blackout cellular shades
  • Blackout roller shades
  • Blackout curtains

It is also possible in some cases to add blackout lining to a custom blind of your choice. So if you don’t want to get rid of your existing blinds this may be something to look into.